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Lazy Mornings Candle

Lazy Mornings Candle

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This smell brings back that nostalgic memory when we were younger and we'd sit on the floor right in front of the tv with our huge bowl of cereal! This scent is a take on Froot Loops!

 Top Notes: Lemon

Middle Notes: Cereal

Bottom Notes: Vanilla



Additional Ingredients: Crackling booster wooden wick,  blend of apricot, soy, coconut and food-grade paraffin non-toxic & phthalate free

Weight: 12 oz/340g

Burn Time: 50 hours (Approx.)- With Proper Use

Perfect for small living room spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms

To Ensure Longevity Of Candle, Trim Wick After Each Use

Burn For At Least 4 Hours On First Burn To Avoid Tunneling

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